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Üretim Hattı Çizgili Branda Çadır Kent Tır Brandası


All pvc tarpaulin products produced in our factory are produced at world standards using the highest quality raw materials in the light of the latest technological developments. We avoid the use of harmful raw materials on our tarpaulins, the production phase, packaging and logistics services are implemented in accordance with quality ...

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In addition to the variety of our PVC tarpaulins, the color options and variety are also quite high. Apart from the color and quality of the PVC coated tarpaulin we produce, we have the capacity to produce in the desired color and quality under special conditions. PVC tarpaulin production is made with special formulas accordi...

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Fast Service

Our company works with high efficiency at every stage of PVC tarpaulin production and meets the needs of customers in the fastest way possible. We work with industry professionals for the fastest loading and transportation, and we deliver PVC tarpaulins to our customers in the fastest way.   - Serta PVC tarpaulin

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As in all sectors, it is one of the general principles of our factory to produce the most suitable PVC tarpaulins when the most economical and price-quality comparison is made due to the high competition conditions and developing economic conditions in the PVC Tarpaulin sector. It is our main duty to offer the best quality PVC coating ...

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Who are we?

"Serta Tekstil", a family company, produces PVC tarpaulins in Tekirdağ with its quality certificates, institutional structure, increasing quality and capacity.

With nearly 60 years of experience in the PVC tarpaulin sector both in Turkey and the world has made a name


- Serta PVC tarpaulin
- PVC Tarpaulin
- Tarpaulin
- Tent
- High Quality PVC tarpaulin
- Heavy duty tarpaulin
- 1100 DTEX PVC tarpaulin
- 2200 DTEX PANAMA PVC Tarpaulin
- 500 DTEX PVC Tarpaulin
- 550 DTEX PVC Tarpaulin
- 300 Denier Tarpaulin ( 330 dtex tarpaulin )
- PVC tarpaulin , PVC tarpaulin manufacturer 
- PVC coated tarpaulin
- Truck cover PVC Tarpaulin
- Tent Tarpaulin
- Fair tent tarpaulin
- Hangar tarpaulin
- Panama Tarpaulin
- Knife coated tarpaulin
- Fire resistance tarpaulin
- Cold resistance tarpaulin
- UV resistance tarpaulin
- Anti static tarpaulin
- Anti fungal tarpaulin
- Waterproof pvc tarpaulin
- Polyester band tarpaulin ( for artificial grass floor )
- Seaming tape tarpaulin ( for artificial grass floor )
- Seaming tape ( for artificial grass floor )
- Seam tape ( for artificial grass floor )
- Striped tarpaulin
- Printing tarpaulin ( Serigraphy print tarpaulin )
- Double side coated tarpaulin
- One side coated tarpaulin
- Polyester tarpaulin
- High tenacity tarpaulin
- with cut - tarpaulin
- Emulsion PVC coated tarpaulin
- Tarpaulin for pool
- Ventilation tube tarpaulin
- Ventilation channel tarpaulin
- Ventilation pipe tarpaulin

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In addition to its protective feature, the PVC Tarpaulins we produce provide a decorative appearance with various color options. Our high resistant PVC tarpaulins are produced for every use. There are many types such as truck tarpaulin, awning tarpaulin, tent tarpaulin , flame retardant tarpaulin, panama tarpaulin  

Tent cities with PVC coated tarpaulin fabric set up in victimized areas PVC coated tarpaulin will protect during the summer and winter   - Serta PVC tarpaulin - PVC Tarpaulin - Tarpaulin - Tent - High Quality PVC tarpaulin - Heavy duty tarpaulin - 1100 DTEX PVC tarpauli...

Our PVC coated tarpaulins are with you in all areas of life to be protected from heat and sun, to sip our coffee under a cool shade in the summer heat ... Our PVC coated tarpaulins is protect to you sun Optionally we can produce glossy PVC tarpaulin or semi glossy pvc tarpaulin     - Serta PV...